Power Flash-16GB

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Flash Drive and Power Bank !

No cable required !

(for Android & PC, not for iOS)


PowerFlashTM is the world's first that integrates the flash drive and power bank into one operating via a type C connector. It enables you to copy files and charge your smart phone without the need of extra cables for connection.   

While transferring files, PowerFlash will charge the smart phone in connection as well, and will be recharged when connecting with a PC.



  1. PowerFlash is a flash drive and a power bank too. Besides exchanging files, it can charge your smart phone whle the phone battery is low.
  1. The compact PowerFlash is slim and light. It weighs only 40 grams and you can hardly notice it when carrying it in your pocket. 
  1. Needless of any connection cables, PowerFlash connects to both smart phone and PC to exchange files and transmit power with a single type C connector.



  1. 1) memory size        :16 GB
  2. 2) battery capacity   :1,200 mAh
  3. 3) connector             :Type C, USB 2.0
  4. 4) mode selection     
  5.     #1 PC mode          : data exchange & charge in (PC)                                                                                              power charge in (Adaptor 5V)                    
  6.     #2 Battery mode  : recharge the smart phone battery (Phone)   
  7.     #3 Memory mode : data exchange (Phone) 
  8. 5) recharging time    :3 hours (5V, 500mA)
  9. 6) discharging time  :2 hours (5V, 500mA)
  10. 7) battery life             :300 cycles
  11. 8) dimensions           :100 *35 *12mm            
  12. 9) weight                   :40 grams             




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