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A cleaning scrub as well as a polisher!


You can clean your bathroom,

kitchen and the house, and polish your car with just one tool. 

Tek Maker's  Cordless Clean-PolisherTM  is the world's only power tool that can do all the cleaning stuff and polish your car, too. Its unique snap lock-on design for replacing attachments provides you the most easy way to replace its accessories. 
With built-in rechargeable battery, it is so convenient to use outdoors without the hassle of searching for a power outlet. 
This product weighs only slightly more than one pound. It is handy, sturdy, and attractively designed. With its ergonomic design, It is also very convenient to use it by one hand.
There are various accessories for cleaning including a round brush, long brush, scrubbing pad, and sponge pad. It can satisfy the cleaning needs of all kinds of materials. 
Just choose an appropriate accessory and you can use it to scrub or clean floors, counters, doors, kitchen walls, sink surrounds, bathrooms, bathtubs, toilets, and stoves.
Its polishing accessories include a cloth pad for applying wax and a cotton pad for polishing. The self-adhesive sponge cushion provides a buffer to the pressure produced by the rotation of the machine and a protection to the car ‘s finish.  
The charger includes a built-in protective IC and a safety circuit. LED Light 
displays whether the machine is charged or not. When it’s fully charged, a green light comes on and the charging will be shut down automatically. 




Product introduction


run time 30 ± 5 minutes
operating voltage 8 V
charging time 3 hours
battery life cycle 300 cycles
rotating speed 750 rpm (No load)
operating current 4 – 6 A
power consumption 32 W - 48 W
weight 520 g
polishing disc size 6 inches
1) round brush
2) long brush
3) adapting disc
4) foam pad
5) scrubbing pad

6) sponge pad
7) waxing cloth
8) polishing mat
9) charger
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