QWhat are the benefits of the InstantSignTM ?

AThe InstantSign provides 2-hour flashing light with only 10-second charge. It can give

you the protection in time while you are stuck on the highway or country roads with a broken car. Secondly, the InstantSign uses no batteries. With the fast charge technology, there is no need to look for batteries. One can save not only the money for the batteries but also the environment, too.


QHow do I charge the InstantSign ?

ATake the car charging plug Aout of the receiving chamber of the InstantSignTM. Plug

it in the car power socket Band turn on the car power for charging. (Fig. A)




QDo I need to start the engine to charge the InstantSign ?

ABecause only very little power will be consumed, it is no need to start the engine while charging.


QHow long does it take for the charging ?

AIt takes only 10 seconds to charge the InstantSign. The charging indication LED is in RED while it is being charged. The power will be cut off automatically when it is fully charged and the charging indication LED will turn GREEN.


QWhat is the flashing frequency of the InstantSign ?

AThe InstantSign flashes at a frequency of 72fpm.


QHow far can it be seen ?

AThe InstantSign can be seen effectively from a distance over 100 meters.

QWhy the InstantSign starts to flash very rapidly ?

AThe InstantSign will be flashing very rapidly when the power of InstantSignTM gets low. Recharge it for further use.


QHow far should the InstantSign be placed behind the broken car ?

AAccording to the traffic regulations, the warning triangle should be placed 50~100

meters behind the broken car.


QDoes it have warranty ?

A:Yes. Tek Maker Co., warrants the product for two years from the date of purchase.

Tek Maker Co., will repair or replace the product at its option and expense for any defect due to faulty material or workmanship within the warranty period.