FAQ- FreeDryer


QDoes it have warranty ?

A:Yes. Tek Maker Co., warrants the product for one year from the date of purchase.

      Tek Maker Co., will repair or replace the product at its option and expense for any defect due to faulty material or workmanship within the warranty period. But, the warranty is not valid if a defect is due to damage caused by incorrect use or unauthorized repairs.

      Furthermore, the warranty does NOT cover products that are subject to wear       or that can be considered as consumables by their nature, such as the rechargeable batteries. Battery shelf-life will be shortened according to the       storage time and using conditions.


QWhat are the benefits of the FreeDryer ?

AIts major benefits are cordless, EMF free, and safe in water .

       FreeDryer is the only rechargeable hair dryer in the world. Since it is cordless andhas no restriction from power cord, so you can dry anything, anytime and anywhere, especially outdoors.

      Most of all, the cordless hairdryer is EMF free. It has no electromagnetic radiation as generated by the traditional hairdryer. It is the most healthy dryer to use to take care of your baby and your family.

Furthermore, with no current leakage at all, it is safe even when it drops into the water. FreeDryer is the safest hair dryer in the world.


QWhat about its heating level ?

AThe FreeDryer has two heat/speed settings. It generates a 70℃(160℉) airflow at

room temperature 25℃(80℉), which equals to a 400-watt heating output.


QHow long can it be used with each charge ?

AIt has fifteen-minute run time at low speed and eight-minute at high speed.


QCan I use it while traveling in other countries ?

AYes, the switching adaptor receives 100V ~ 240V AC power worldwide. However,

you might need a plug adapter to connect with domestic power outlet.


QIs the battery replaceable ?

AYes. The unique design of “snap lock-on” of the FreeDryer provides you the

easiest way to replace a second battery for extended use time.


QHow do I start to use ?

AFor initial use, charge the battery set till the indicator light of the charging cradle

turns green. Then,

1.     Put the battery set into the blower housing for use. Make sure the power contact side is facing up when inserting the battery set. (Fig. 3)

2.     In order to install the battery set correctly, the guiding bumps on the battery set allow only one direction to insert.

3.     Slide the power switch to select from the two settings of heat/speed when start using. (Fig. 4)


QHow do I remove the battery ?

ATo remove the battery set from the blower, push up the lock switch on the back of

the blower and hold it at the upper position then pull out the battery set from the blower housing. (Fig. 5)


QWhy does my FreeDryer switch to cool airflow automatically ? 

AIt is designed so for safety reason. A thermal fuse in the blower will shut off theheating power when it overheats. However, the fan will continue to blow cool air while the thermal fuse remains in effect. The hot air will come back once the blower is cooled down.


QWhy does my FreeDryer stop blowing ? 

AThe blower will shut off automatically when the battery capacity is low or not fullycharged. Recharge the battery set or replace a second battery set for further use.


QIs it normal for the battery getting warm while using ?

AYes, and so do not be alarmed by battery’s getting warm while using. However, itwill keep battery life longer, if you stop using then and wait for the battery set to get cool again.


QHow do I charge the battery ?

ABefore charging, plug the adapter (A) to the power outlet (B) and connect theoutput plug of the adapter to the socket(C) of the charging cradle. (Fig. 6) The indicator light turns Green when the charging cradle is ready for charging. Then, put the battery set onto the charging cradle for charging.


QHow much time does it take for the battery to be fully charged ?

AIt takes about four hours to fully charge the battery. The indicator light turns Redwhile the charging cradle is charging the battery set. The charging cradle will detect the battery capacity level and cut off the charging automatically when the battery set is fully charged, and the indicator light turns Green.


QCan I use other adaptors or chargers to charge FreeDryer battery ?

ANo! You should use only manufacturer’s charging cradle and adaptor. Using otherchargers or adaptors may cause danger.


QCan I use its battery as a power source for other appliances ?

ANo! Using of the battery set for FreeDryer as an electrical power source for otherappliances may cause fire, personal injury, and damage to the battery set.


QWhat should I do if my FreeDryer drops into water ?

AShould the FreeDryer fall into water, it is safe to pick it up from the water.

       However, shutting off the dryer immediately is recommended. Once it’s out of the water, pull out the battery set from the blower housing, shake off any water and allow it to be air-dried overnight. Contact the authorized service facility for help or return.


QUnder what condition should I stop using the battery set ?

AStop using the battery set if it breaks or the insulation rings are off from the battery set. Also do not continue to use the appliance with a depleted battery set.


QWhat else should I be aware of in using the battery set ?

ANever use any metal objects to probe or connect the battery contacts. Do not use orstore the battery set close to fire and/or hot sources, and do not place the battery set in aprons, pockets, drawers, etc. with nails, screws, keys, etc.


QWhat should I do if I want to carry it with me for traveling ?

APull out the battery set from the blower housing for carrying.


QWhat should I do to store it ?

APull out the battery set from the blower housing and always store the appliance indoors or in a cool place. To keep the rechargeable battery in good condition, the battery set should be recharged at least every three months.


QCan I drop the battery in trash can at the end of its life?

A:To keep our earth clean, please return the spent battery set to an authorized service center or official collection point for recycling. Moreover, the battery set must not be incinerated or composted.